“Hot Fuzz” and “Spiderman 3”

First off, I don’t consider myself a movie critic —  I’ve had no training in the subject.   However, I’ve been watching movies for a very long time (don’t ask how long) and it is one of the things I list when asked about hobbies.  Our video collection has been gradually replaced by a DVD collection, and we often have marathons where we play one movie after another, using some tenuous connection (music by Danny Elfman, or directed by Shawn Levy, or with a part played by Fiona Shaw, that sort of thing).  So it was inevitable I would write about movies here.  Yet I should warn you . . . my taste in movies tends to be a bit different from most people.  I don’t know why . . . it makes perfect sense to me.  There was a movie critic in “Time” magazine (can’t remember his name), who always hated the movies we loved and loved the movies we disliked.  It got to where we would read his reviews so we could do the opposite of whatever he suggested.  It’s okay that people like different movies — that is what keeps the industry going, and a lot of people working.  The world would be boring otherwise. 

What I’m suggesting is, if you see a couple movies I’ve raved about, and liked them yourself, then that gives you some idea about how to react to my suggestions in the future.  And if you see a couple movies I’ve raved about, and disliked them, then that also gives you valuable ideas about my future suggestions.  See — it’s a win/win proposition!  🙂

Should probably also warn you about my movie preferences.  I have a soft spot for romantic comedies.  As one of the characters in “Still Breathing” said, there is altogether too much reality in the world these days.  Romantic comedies are my escapist fare — when I’m under pressure to get unrealistic amounts of stuff done in too little time, I pop “Kate & Leopold” in the DVD player and soothe my soul.  However, I am also surprisingly fond of cyber punk movies:  “Johnny Mnemonic,” “The Matrix” trilogy, “Aeonflux,” and “The Fifth Element” are some of my favorites.    I guess character development is the one thing I look for in all movies, no matter what the genre.  Special effects are cool, but no substitute for a good plot and “real” people.  Which is why I wasn’t wowed by “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest” the first time around (though I loved Tia Dalma!).  

Thanks to grad school, I haven’t seen many movies in the theatre for several months.  (I’ve missed the buttered popcorn, though I know it has no milk products in it, and is probably bad for me.)  Now that classes are done, we celebrated by seeing the two movies that title this entry.  “Hot Fuzz” came first, because my husband is in law enforcement, and we enjoy English movies.  This is a very English movie, a spoof of all those U.S. law enforcement movies.  It stars Simon Pegg (“Mission: Impossible 3”) and Nick Frost (“Kinky Boots”), with Jim Broadbent (“The Avengers”), Timothy Dalton (a former James Bond), Bill Nighy (“Love Actually”), and Martin Freeman (“Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”).  A perfectionist London cop is sent to work in a small, English village, and discovers a lot of strange stuff going on.  (Hint: There is the English equivalent of a homeowner’s association.)  It’s rated “R” because of the gore, but in spite of that, it is funny and rather fun.  If you are into law enforcement, you are apt to get a big laugh from it.  Otherwise, I’d say it is “Okay,” and you could wait to rent it on DVD.   On a scale from 1-5, I’d give this one 2.5.

This afternoon we saw “Spiderman 3.”  It stars the usual actors from the first two movies, and though it had plenty of special effects, there was a lot of character development as well.  There seemed to be two primary ideas that were explored — the power of choice, and forgiveness.  There was lots of angst, and it was the sort of movie that left a person thinking.  I’d probably give this one a 3.5.   😕

Not much to rave about this time,  but that’s the way it goes.  The ones I’m REALLY waiting for are the new Harry Potter movie and the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie.  😀


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