New Moon/Dark Moon

The New Moon was today.  That means the Moon was between us and the Sun, so we could not see it.  It’s also known as the Dark Moon.  Some authors (such as Gail Wood) make a distinction between the Dark Moon (when we can’t see the Moon) and the New Moon, preferring to call it the New Moon when we can first see that tiny sliver of Moon again, low in the western sky immediately after sunset.  Whichever you choose to call it, this Moon is thought to symbolize immense possibilities and is a good time to make plans for the month ahead.

So on the New Moon I ask my Higher Self for advice about my focus for the month ahead, and deal a card of advice from the Herbal Tarot deck (created by Michael Tierra and Candis Cantin, U.S. Games, 1993).   I don’t plan my whole life around it, but I keep the card in the back of my mind as a way of looking at things.  Today I dealt the Five of Wands (upright).  wands-5.jpgWhen using this deck, I think of upright as signifying outer actions, and reversed as dealing with inner work.  Tierra and Cantin’s keywords for this card are . . . difficult, such as opposition, strife, suppression, disagreement, and conflict.  Doesn’t sound like very good advice for dealing with the world  😕 , so I gave it some thought.  Fives are about change and being out of balance, which can cause opposition, etc.  But they can also bring on creativity and looking at things in new ways.  I think of Wands as the suit of Fire, which is also about creativity and getting things done.  I just finished two years of graduate classes, and the temptation is strong to take things easy for a while.  But that won’t get me going on my thesis, and there ARE things I want to get done this Summer.  So am thinking the advice is to push myself, to not get too comfortable, to DO THINGS even if they are not perfect and make me feel out balance. 

There are several things I like about the Herbal Tarot, and one is that each card is paired with an herb.  I discovered when I began using this deck, that sometimes the message was also for me to include the herb somehow in my life.  That is a turmeric plant on the card (curcuma longa), known for its warm, stimulating effects on the digestion and the circulation.  Last year a nutritional educator suggested I include turmeric in my diet — perhaps it is time to do that again for a while.  Tierra and Cantin also assign astrological associations to each card, and this card is paired with Saturn in Leo.  This is not an easy combination (Earth and Fire), which also suggests the idea of conflict or being out of balance.  It was in thinking about this combination that I came up with the affirmation I will use for this month.  (Tierra and Cantin also supply an affirmation with each card, but this time it didn’t seem to fit.)  The affirmation I created is: Change is the fire, and responsibility is the hearth. 

Looks like it will be an interesting month.  😕


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4 Responses to New Moon/Dark Moon

  1. Enthusiasm and creativity are the fire, and thesis outline is the structured fire 😉


  2. judithornot says:

    I like that, Teresa!


  3. For Saturn in Leo I think of Aion, the Mithraic Saturn figure who essentially represents geologic time: a man with a lion’s head who stands on a sphere (the globe?), holding a scepter and keys in his hands, his body wrapped in a serpent. Sort of a hybrid between the Tarot Strength and the Hermit. And tumeric is supposed to help protect the immune system, whether it’s used as a spice in food or as a dye for fabric.
    I see this Five as the learning (by trial and error, if necessary) that prepares the way for the triumph of the Six of Wands: hard work and some frustration, perhaps, but making progress!


  4. judithornot says:

    Thank you for your input, Lorena! Now it makes even more sense. The month is drawing to a close, and there has been plenty of trial and error learning. And definitely a Saturn issue sort of month.


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