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FYE (and I’m not an account clerk anymore!)

Back in 1985 I was fortunate enough to get a temporary job as an account clerk for a city government.  My only qualification was being a typist who made very few errors.  By the time the job opened up for permanent status, I … Continue reading

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Learning to knit

   Last year our daughter-in-law gave me a couple lovely, knitted, cotten washcloths.  She intended them for kitchen use, but I tend to be more of a sponge/scour pad person, and they seemed too pretty to use for scrubbing dishes.  … Continue reading

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Cutting berry bushes

  Our house is on the west-facing slope of a ridge, with the Redwood National and State Parks beginning at the top of the ridge behind us, and the Pacific Ocean in front of us (less than a mile away … Continue reading

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Using the Tarot of the Crone

The night before this year’s Summer Solstice I had a rather powerful meditation session, in which I cleared out some psychological baggage and got some healing.  When I prepared to connect with the energies at the moment of the Solstice, … Continue reading

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Summer Solstice

Thursday, 21 June, is Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere (Winter Solstice in the Southern).  It will officially be Summer in the U.S. at 2:06 pm on the East Coast, and 11:06 am on the West Coast.  That means it … Continue reading

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Father’s Day: A Mixed Bag

  For many years Father’s Day was a non-event for me.  My dad died when I was seven, so by the time I was old enough to be aware of a special day that didn’t include presents for me, there was … Continue reading

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Reading/Writing Blogs

I like reading about people.  When I was a kid I discovered the biography section in our school library, and I read every book in it.  Being an only child with a widowed (and not very outgoing) parent, I didn’t … Continue reading

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