Kevin Smith rocks!

  There are artists who are a must-see for me when it comes to movies.  They might act in it, or write script or music for it, or whatever, but if they had anything to do with it, I will make an effort to see that movie.  Kevin Smith has become one of those artists.

Kevin Smith is a writer, director, actor, editor, producer, and probably has lots of other talents I know nothing about.  I first became familiar with his work during my undergrad days, when a professor showed “Chasing Amy” in one of my classes.  I raved about it to a friend, who encouraged me to watch “Clerks” and “Mallrats.”  (Warning: Those last two have a lot of profanity, but are nevertheless very funny and insightful — in weird ways.)  Kevin Smith wrote, directed, and acted in those movies, as well as “Dogma” — a wonderful commentary on religion and human nature. 

Must admit, I haven’t seen all Smith’s stuff, a lapse I hope to correct over the Summer.  I saw “Catch and Release” after it came out on DVD, a romantic comedy where Kevin plays the friend who constantly quotes the sayings on Celestial Seasoning tea boxes.  Frankly, he is the reason I have watched it over and over, because he is funny and touching and so REAL.  While at the movies recently, I discovered he is also in the movie-to-be-released-on-June-27, “Live Free or Die Hard,” the new Bruce Willis action flick.  I would have seen it anyway (to keep my husband company), but now I WANT to see it. 

Kevin Smith is based in New Jersey, and has a very East Coast feel about him (in interviews and such).  Sometimes his language is also more foul than I prefer.  But I’m willing to put up with these things, because he often says stuff that is both very funny and very true.  He is an interesting person.  🙂


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