New Moon in Gemini

swords-page.jpg   Last month at the New Moon I wrote about my habit of using the Herbal Tarot (Tierra and Cantin, U.S. Games, 1993) to chose a card of advice for the month ahead ( ).  I dealt the Five of Wands, and yes, it was a month with some struggle involved.  But when you realize it is expected, it is easier to deal with, rather like flowing with the power directed against you and using it to your advantage (as in martial arts). 

This month the New Moon is in Gemini, so it seemed appropriate my card of advice came up as the Page of Swords.  (Gemini is an Air sign, and I associate Swords with Air.)  I dealt the card reversed; with this deck, I take that as indicating inner work. Some of the ideas Tierra and Cantin suggest for this card (from The Spirit of Herbs, which came with the deck) are

  • a new start, with fresh ideas and thoughts
  • sweeping away encumbrances, such as depession and negativity
  • being ready for change and new possibilities
  • being open to a new reality

What is fascinating is that all this fits in with books I’ve been reading lately by Machaelle Small Wright (Behaving as if the God in All Life Mattered, Dancing in the Shadows of the Moon, and The Mount Shasta Mission).  Much of it is about being open to new ideas, and being willing to change the way we see reality. 

Another interesting “coincidence” is that the herb Tierra and Cantin associate with the Page of Swords is dill (anethum graveolens).  I have been using flower essences since last September, and recently I’ve been testing positive for dill.  The essences I use are by Perelandra Ltd., and the blurb they write about dill says “It assists the individual in reclaiming balance in the area of personal power, thus resulting in a shift in his relationship with those around him” (Perelandra Essences Guide, p. 13).  Tierra and Cantin (back to The Spirit of Herbs) write, “It enables the user to bring out and show to the world her/his inner reality and spiritual aspirations.  It will calm the air element and help one to digest new thoughts coming through” (p. 181).  These ideas are so relevant to my life right now, and very encouraging — suggesting I am on the right path.

Looks like it will be a month of inner examination, and that I should be open for more changes.  Keeping that in mind, the affirmation I created is, “I sweep away negative thoughts to clear the way for a new reality.”  Will be interesting to see what this month brings.  🙂


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