“Live Free or Die Hard”

justin-and-bruce.jpg  We finally saw “Live Free or Die Hard” last night, and it was great!  Even people who aren’t action film fans are apt to enjoy this one.  One of the things I really liked about the film was that everything you saw could happen — well, except maybe the car bringing down the helicopter scene.  But the Internet terrorism was right there.  And the terrorists were primarily WASP U.S. citizens, while the FBI agent in charge was played by an actor who looked decidedly Middle Eastern.  U.S. patriots come in all colors, sizes, and genders.

Bruce Willis shines again as John McClane, “war” time hero, peace time f— up.  As mentioned a few weeks ago, I was looking forward to Kevin Smith’s turn as the basement hacker, and he didn’t let me (or the movie) down.  Mary Elizabeth Winstead played McClane’s daughter, and I had no trouble believing who she was (or that she wouldn’t need her father to protect her from the average boyfriend).  The real surprise for me was Justin Long (in the photo), playing the hacker, Matt Farrell, who helps McClane bring down the terrorists.  The last time I remember seeing him was as the president of the fan club in “Galaxy Quest.”  Long comes across quite convincingly as a hacker suddenly confronted with a lot of real life violence and urgency.  I was impressed.

This film is rated PG-13.  Various critics have given it a B or B+, and while it won’t make it to my all-time favorites list, am seriously considering seeing it again.  I’d give it a 4.8.


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