What makes you angry?

Recently I had an online discussion with friends about the concept of anger.   It was along the lines of how we dealt with or expressed anger.  I was raised in a house where emotions were subdued, and little girls certainly were not allowed to be angry.  I still have a problem expressing my anger, and wrote something in the discussion about searching for balanced ways to express my anger.  A friend in our group apparently remembers my astrology chart, and said it was spoken like he would expect from someone whose Mars is in Libra.   🙂   Then he wrote other comments about whether the things that make us angry might also be related to where Mars is in our charts.  His Mars is also in Libra, and he talked about being angry when someone does something that destroys beauty, or does something that destroys the balance of things (trespassing into someone’s space, etc.). 

This lead me to thinking about what does make me angry.  Harm done to a child is #1 on my list.  Listening to a parent ridicule a child in the grocery store is enough to light my fires.  #2 would be when people treat Nature with contempt (this includes people who litter).  Since I began working as a volunteer with Rape Crisis several years ago, #3 on my list would be rape.  I’ve seen too many lives hurt badly by another person’s need to dominate.  All of those could be seen as possibly reflective of my Mars in Libra.

Other things make me angry, though they are on more of a case by case basis.  I tend to be very protective of the space around our home, becoming angry when neighbor boys climb the fence into our yard, or the neighbor’s illegally loose dog comes into our yard to chase our cats.  That could be the Libran need for balance, or my own boundary issues.  I remember becoming quietly angry when I was an account clerk, and a member of the public questioned my truthfulness or competency.  Then there is the anger most mothers feel when their child is hurt or threatened, even after they have grown up. 

Every one has “buttons” or issues that make them angry.  As I thought about it, I realized you can tell a lot about a person by what pushes their buttons.  Stories make use of this to flesh out their characters.  When the publisher girlfriend in “You’ve Got Mail” gets angry in the elevator because she can’t find her Tic-Tacs, it’s shorthand for “this is a very shallow, self-involved woman.” 

It’s not an easy exercise, but give some thought about what makes you angry.  REALLY think about it.  Dig deep.  You’ll learn a lot about yourself.


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Lives in semi-rural Northern California, happily married, retired counselor, night person, knits, plays WoW.
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2 Responses to What makes you angry?

  1. Coppermoon says:

    Sometimes, I’m that shallow, self-involved woman, darn it! But usually, I am very calm and not easily angered – like you, I can’t stand it when someone has no respect or regard for life or our world. I’m also protective of my space and home. And then, of course, there’s that other element that manages to infuriate me so easily – the Bush/Cheney Bunch. Grrrr. Talk about shallow, self-involved people….. and I’ve often wondered WHY they get to me so. Can it be because they manage to push every single one of my buttons?


  2. judithornot says:

    Yeah, one of the reasons they make me angry is their contempt for Nature (#2 on my list). Today, though, I had a thought: What if the spiritual “powers that be” have allowed Bush and Cheney to exist because they are an example of what doesn’t work anymore? Something that will make people SO ANGRY, that people wake up and begin doing the right thing? One can certainly hope!


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