New Moon in Leo

Actually, the New Moon was exact at the moment we went into Void of Course, so I waited and dealt my card for the moon-th after the Moon went into Leo.  According to Daniel Pharr in Moon Wise (Llewellyn Publications, 2000), “When the Moon is about to move from one sign into another, there is a period in which the Moon will no longer be aspected to another planet while in that sign.  The period of time between the last major aspect in that sign and the Moon entering the next sign is called ‘void of course'” (p. 49).  Apparently our thinking during that time is apt to be a bit fuzzy and ungrounded, and decisions made are not apt to produce favorable results.  It is considered a good time for searching within.  However, since I deal a card at the New Moon as a focus for the coming moon-th, I thought it would be a good idea to wait for the Moon to be in its next sign, which in this case is Leo.

A Moon in Leo (again, according to Pharr) “exudes pride, warmth, and generosity, along with dominance, extravagance, and righteousness” (p. 39).  It is more people-oriented.  So it seemed especially appropriate when I dealt the Ten of Pentacles for this moon-th, from the Herbal Tarot, by Michael Tierra and Candis Cantin (U.S. Games, 1993).  In the book that comes pentacles-10.jpgwith the deck (The Spirit of Herbs), Tierra and Cantin write that the pentacles represent “the inner virtues, values, skill, talents, established conditions, inheritance, or material possessions that have accumulated and are available for use.  There is a sense of consolidation of past experiences and an opening for new opportunities from this foundation . . . it is important to share and utilize these tools in some form of service to the community around you” (p. 94).  They associate this card with Mercury in Virgo, which is about grounded communication (in service to others; practical).  One of their key phrases is “Acknowledging one’s values” (p. 95).   I find this last phrase interesting, because it is one of the lessons that came up during my recent mountaintop experience.

Tierra and Cantin associate wild yam (dioscorea villosa) with the Ten of Pentacles.  Its spiritual attributes are an ability to reveal “accumulated energy and power.  Through its releasing action it will encourage the use of talents, gifts, and possessions for the greatest good” (p. 95).  Several effects are noted for the use of wild yam, and I thought it interesting that one is as a treatment for arthritis and inflammations of joints.  I have a problem with arthritis, so this may be one of those times where the herb is as important as the message of the card.  [NOTE:  I AM NOT A DOCTOR, AND DO NOT SUGGEST YOU USE WILD YAM AS A MEDICINE.] 

I found another interesting association with the Ten of Pentacles, and this one is from The Tarot of Gemstones and Crystals, by Helmut G. Hofmann (AG Muller, 1996).  Hofmann associates the card with the stone, tiger’s eye (the first stone I ever asked someone to buy for me, when I was a child).  From the LWB: ” The tiger’s eye teaches us to tolerate different points of view, making it possible for us to see unity.  It strengthens our inner eye, increases powers of concentration, and makes us more flexible.  In the process, we attract people and things which are important for our development” (p. 59-60). 

So I’ve slipped a tumbled piece of tiger’s eye into my pocket, am going to buy some wild yam, and have created an affirmation for the moon-th:  I acknowledge my value, and share what I have with others.  So far each month has had important lessons for me in the areas indicated by the cards — am curious to see how this one turns out.


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