Stag and Cat

I have a friend who works in law enforcement, on the night shift from 6 pm to 6 am.  He sees some pretty strange things.  Our community is a mixture of small town and rural areas, so he often sees raccoons, opposums, deer, black bears, and even mountain lions wandering through town in the middle of night.  This story, however, made me smile, and I got his permission to share it here.

It is about 2:30 am, and he is cruising through the high school parking lot, making his rounds.  (The high school is in an area that contains both forest and housing areas.)  As he drives, he notices two sets of eyes in the parking lot; from the eye height, he figures it is a small and a large dog.  As he gets closer, in the ambient light he sees what appears to be a big, brown dog and a small, white dog.  He turns on his side spotlight, and it turns out to be a deer stag with full antlers and a white cat. 

Both animals look at him.  The stag has that deer-caught-in-the-headlights look, and the cat is looking at him like, “What?”  He slows the car and stops, and the stag bolts, going off into the dark of the athletic field.  The cat just keeps looking at him, then casually wanders off in the same general direction as the stag. 

My friend drives onto the road along the high school, and parks under a street light to catch up on his notes.  Five minutes later he notices the stag walking out into the street from the area of the athletic field.  It stops in the middle of the street, as if waiting for something.  A minute later the white cat walks out of the shadows and joins the stag.  Both animals then walk up the street, to where there is a signal and crosswalk (but no vehicle traffic at this time of night).  The stag stops every so often, because the cat is moseying along while the stag is making time.  At the intersection, the two cross together in the crosswalk.  [My friend said he was disappointed they didn’t wait for the light to be in their favor.  🙂  ]  The last he saw of them, they were running up the sidewalk on the opposite side of the street, into the darkness.

After watching the recent Harry Potter movies (and reading the books), it kinda makes you wonder.  🙂    Even without that, it is an interesting thing to think about . . .


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Lives in semi-rural Northern California, happily married, retired counselor, night person, knits, plays WoW.
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