Crescent City’s Crescent Beach

c-beach-n-from-motel.jpg   I love the beach, and I love the forests I’ve always associated with the mountains (having grown up in Southern California).  Crescent City, CA, has the best of both worlds, with lovely beaches, and redwoods and evergreens surrounding and in town.  We live just a mile from the beach (as the crow flies), so some evenings, when the wind is right, we can hear the seals barking, the buoy honking, and the waves breaking. 

Last year my romantic and thoughtful husband, knowing how much I love the beach, got us a room at the Crescent Beach Motel, which is the only motel in town RIGHT on the beach.  This year we went again — the photos at the beginning and the end of this entry were made just outside the door of our room. The rooms are simple (cable TV, but no c-beach-motel.jpgphone), clean, and comfy, but not exactly cheap ($100/night in Summer).  The big draw is that you are right on the beach, with a lovely porch to sit on, and all night long you get the sound of the waves on the shore.  A reservation is a good idea, because even in mid-week, the “No Vacancy” sign is often lit up.  Be sure and ask for a room facing the beach, because they do have 3 or 4 that don’t.  It’s at the very south end of town, just before Hwy 101 heads south up Crescent Hill.

bistro-gardens.jpgThis year we also made a reservation at Bistro Gardens (on Anchor Way), and took a 15-20 minute walk north along the beach to get there.  Their dinners run $17-$29, but are delicious (meat dishes, vegetarian, pasta, seafood).  We sat on their deck, and continued enjoying the sight and sound of the waves on Crescent Beach.  We finished just before sunset, and enjoyed a pleasant stroll along the wave line back to our motel room.

I have friends who have machines that make wave sounds in their bedrooms, so they can sleep better at night.  Imagine having the real thing just outside.  🙂    Last night I went out on the motel porch at midnight, just to watch the moonlight glinting on the waves and the water.  I was tempted to sleep in the deck chair there all night, but even in the room I could hear the sounds.  Just thinking about it now gives me a glow of happiness. 

Come take a walk on Crescent Beach someday.



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Lives in semi-rural Northern California, happily married, retired counselor, night person, knits, plays WoW.
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One Response to Crescent City’s Crescent Beach

  1. shadowmeteresa says:

    How serendipitous to come back from Mexico and read this post about the sound of the waves – this is one of the things that absolutely sold me on a condo there I never thought I could be convinced to buy 😉 I sleep so well to the sound of those waves, and can spend hours just sitting on the balcony listening to them…


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