New Moon Card of Advice

I’ve written before about how I deal a tarot card at each New Moon to get advice about the up-coming moon-th ( ).  While I’ve written about the process of dealing a card and deciding on its meaning for the month, I have not often reported the results.  Did the card have meaning for that month?  What happened?

In May I dealt the Five of Wands from the Herbal Tarot (Tierra and Cantin, U.S. Games, 1993).  The general idea was to push myself, not get too comfortable, and be ready for change.  Since it came just after classes finished for the semester, there was quite a bit of change.  For one thing, I got to sleep late again.   🙂   The potential was there for me to get started on my thesis, but it didn’t work out that way.  I played — doing yard work, learning to knit, exploring ideas about what to do around the house.  I also read some books for fun (GASP!).   🙂     Looking back, there was conflict about how to manage my time.  My partner works graveyard shift, and I shifted my biological clock to more closely match his.  That meant being creative about what gets done and when (because most banks and stores are closed at 10 p.m.).  It was not an easy month.

In June I dealt the Page of Swords ( ).  The affirmation I created for that card and month was, “I sweep away negative thoughts to clear the way for a new reality.”  That was exactly what happened.  My boundaries of reality were enlarged, and I played with new ideas, new parameters for my life, and new ways of thinking.  It was an interesting month (in the good sense of the word).

In July I dealt the Ten of Pentacles ( ).  One of the ideas about that card is to encourage the use of talents and knowledge for the greatest good.  It was interesting that during that month a friend asked me to help moderate her tarot discussion list.  I’ve gotten so much from the list over the years; it seemed appropriate to give something back (in the form of my time).  It was also during this time I made plans for work to be done in our yard and on the house (very much in the area of the Ten of Pentacles).

In August I dealt (but didn’t write about) the King of Swords reversed.  When I work with swords-king.jpgthis deck, I see reversed cards as suggesting inner work.  The King of Swords is very good at seeing the truth in a situation, almost to the point of being harsh.  He is a very good planner.  It took me a while to figure out it was suggesting I examine and understand my own motivations.  It was a month of inner examination, understanding why I thought the way I did, and using intellect to make changes in my life.  I also went through a short period of depression, and the St. Johnswort associated with the card may have helped me overcome that to some extent.  My student loan money arrived, so I gave careful thought and planning on how it should be used this semester. 

On the West Coast of the U.S. the New Moon was at 5:44 am on Tuesday, 11 September.  I could wax philosophical about the need for the U.S. to make a new start regarding the events of a previous 11 September, but this is not the entry for that.  On a personal level, I dealt the High Priestess as my lense for viewing the events and ideas of this new moon-th.  ma-2-high-priestess.jpgThe High Priestess is like a “virgin” goddess, in that she is complete in herself, not needing anyone else to make her whole.  She is aligned with the Moon, very aware of the cycles of life and the power of inner reflection.  She pays attention to intuition or messages from the collective unconscious, and manifests creativity (though not in the same way as the Empress).  So the suggestion is that I pay close attention to my intuition, with the idea of trusting myself, rather than looking to others for affirmation.  Whereas the King of Swords reversed was a very sharp examination of my inner work, the High Priestess is more about looking within and trusting what I feel.   (She is more associated with the Moon, and the element of water and feeling.)  Being one of the Major Arcana, there is also the suggestion some sort of psychological process is going on, something that is greater than and encompassing of the physcial, mental, emotional, and spiritual realms.  I feel calmly excited about this coming month.


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