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As the veil thins . . .

   Note:  This blog entry is informed by my spiritual beliefs, which are somewhat eclectic, but primarily nature-based.  I invite you to take what works for you, reject what emphatically does not, and perhaps give a little thought to the ideas that … Continue reading

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Hwy 101 thru Klamath CA

   I’ve been commuting regularly between Crescent City and Arcata, CA, for seven years now (ranging from one to four times a week), so I know that stretch of Hwy 101 pretty well.  I’ve also noticed people Google some interesting … Continue reading

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Cookin’ with Gas!

    Does anyone else remember the phrase, “Now we’re cookin’ with gas!” ?  According to Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase & Fable (17th ed.) it means “To meet with success, do well.  The phrase is often used in the exclamation ‘Now we’re … Continue reading

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“Making Money,” by Terry Pratchett

   Terry Pratchett is my favorite author.  He is English, intelligent, makes great puns, is a master at satire, and has the best eye for what people are really like of any author I’ve ever read.  His genre is technically … Continue reading

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Rain (finally!)

   This weekend we finally got some good, soaking rain.  While other parts of the U.S. have gotten too much rain, we’ve had a very dry Summer.  There was a time when you could tell newcomers to Del Norte County … Continue reading

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