Life between lives

journey-of-souls.jpg   About six years ago I was wandering through a book store and discovered the book, Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives, by Michael Newton, Ph.D. (Llewellyn Publications, 1996).  What fascinated me is that Dr. Newton is a psychologist who originally did not believe in the idea of past lives.  He was using hypnosis to help people with psychological blocks, and a client came up with something from a past life while under hypnosis.  Working with the event produced relief for the client, so Newton became more open to the concept and gradually used it more often.  At a later point, while working with a client and following the events of a past life, the client (under hypnosis) talked about events that were happening after death, in what Newton eventually called life between lives.  He found that working with clients in this life between lives (or LBL) in many cases provided more relief and more profound insights than working with past lives.  Journey of Souls is his first book about his discoveries, and a few years later he wrote destiny-of-souls.jpgDestiny of Souls: New Case Studies of Life Between Lives (Llewellyn Publications, 2000).  He has since written Life Between Lives: Hypnotherapy for Spiritual Regression (Llewellyn Publications, 2004), which is more of a manual for hypnosis professionals (and the public) on how the process works in therapy. 

What I found intriguing at the time I discovered the first book, is that the ideas presented about the LBL dovetailed with what I had been reading and hearing elsewhere about reincarnation and the development of the soul.  It was as if someone had taken my vague, unformed thoughts in this area and put them on paper in logical order.  I was excited about it, and went online to find a therapist in my area who might be using Newton’s process — alas, they were all hundreds of miles away.  However, I learned that Linda Backman, who runs the Ravenheart Center in Colorado, and works directly with Newton, was going to be in Sacramento at about the same time I would be there for other business.  I booked a session with her, and spent almost five hours in hypnosis, exploring two other lives and spending some time in the LBL.  It was interesting, and very helpful, giving me insights into issues I was dealing with at the time, including what career path I should follow.  Since then Backman has given a seminar and done some work in Eureka (CA), and I have driven down one more time to have a session with her in the Sierras (CA).  Each time I gained insights that helped me lay some issues to rest, and to get a glimpse of the next steps in my path. 

Recently a very good friend in Arcata (CA) has begun the training to do LBL sessions and use hypnosis in more general theraputic ways.  (She is an MFT.)  As part of her training she has to do practice sessions, and I was fortunate to have one with her last Wednesday (Samhain).  [BTW, she did a VERY good job!]  I wanted to focus on a particular issue that has been plaguing me in the past few weeks: anger.  In my session with her, I was able to determine the root of my anger (a government that no longer listens to its people, and refuses to pay attention to ecological concerns that affect the world), and to explore another life where I dealt with this same issue (where it resulted in my death and the death of my family).  No wonder it is such a sore point for me!  Though most of the session focused on the other life rather than the LBL, I did gain a few spiritual insights that mean a lot to me.  I wondered why the current administration is so blind to the great harm they are doing to the world, and learned it has something to do with a radical change that is going to occur (probably within the next 20-30 years, possibly on the sooner end of that range).  Then they told me about how each of us  who DO care about the ecology of the world are needed to help tip the balance in favor of healing — just our being here will make a difference.  Each of us is as a grain of sand (and here I pictured motes of light), but all of us together will tip the balance.  When I told them I was a bit afraid of this radical change, I was flooded with a warm and wonderful reassurance that they would be there with me — I would not be overwhelmed. 

I’ve since thought about that session, and am well aware they did not promise I would survive the radical change — but that they would be there with me all the way.  I’m okay with that.  Am especially grateful for the mental picture they gave me of the motes of light, creating a mountain of light that tips the balance.  I will still get angry with this administration, but now it is with awareness that things will change. 

Namaste (the Deity in me salutes the Deity in you).

PS  The therapist I refered to above who works in Arcata, CA, is Judy Wohlberg.  You can read more about her work at


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