Holiday correspondence

angel-card.jpg   One of the things I enjoy most about this time of year is that we often receive cards, letters, emails, or even phone calls from people we may rarely hear from.  We’ve also received photos, and in one case a DVD card featuring clips of a growing child.  I like all this communication, and anything that encourages it is okay with me.  I’ve always been a letter writer, and when I was younger imagined myself with friends around the world, with whom I shared letters and thoughts, and learned more about different ways of looking at everything.  Electronic communication has made it easier, though not always faster.  (You still have to write something before you can send it.)  I have a good friend in Japan, and more friends in Argentina, Greece, and the United Kingdom.  Thanks to a couple discussion lists, I have other aquaintances in other countries, and am not always aware of where they are.  Thanks to the internet, have found people from my past and caught up on what is happening with them.

The holiday letters people often write at this time of year are always interesting, as much because of what they have chosen to include versus the information itself.  Usually it has something in it about what they are doing and/or how the extended family is doing.  Some letters include health issues (sometimes ad nauseam), and some don’t.  Hobbies often get mentioned, or a new animal member of the family.  Trips taken are usually interesting.  Because several of the hoidays at this time of year are religious, religous themes may be hinted or even preached.  Must admit, I was tempted to get political with our letter this bring-them-home.jpgyear, just inserting a small slogan photo as part of the letter, but my husband helped me remember the idea is to share family news, not get on the cases of various family members who helped put the current administration into office.  Sigh …

So if you sent a card, letter, or email to someone this season, or made that phone call you’ve been putting off, thank you!  We need each other, so we can learn and grow and work toward healing the world and each other.    Namaste.


About judithornot

Lives in semi-rural Northern California, happily married, retired counselor, night person, knits, plays WoW.
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