Personal tarot card for 2008

ma-11-justice.jpg   Last May I wrote a blog entry ( )about using numerology to determine your Soul and Personality cards in tarot.  Each year, at the beginning of the calendar year OR at your birthday, you can also compute what your personal tarot card will be for the year ahead.  Again using Mary K. Greer’s Tarot For Your Self, you vertically add the number for the month of your birth, the day of your birth, and the current year.  Using her example, October 14 in 2008 would be:

  2032   Which you then add horizontally (2+0+3+2) to get 7, the Chariot.

My personal tarot card for 2007 was the Wheel of Fortune, and it was an interesting year.  There were various ups and downs, often unrelated to no obvious choice of my own.  But I heeded the advice to keep my balance at the center of the wheel (via meditation), and it helped a lot.  I was better able to see the lessons in the changes, and grow from what happened rather than feel victimized. 

My personal tarot card for 2008 is Justice (shown above from the Hanson-Roberts Tarot).  The astrological correspondances for this card are Libra and Virgo, suggesting issues of balance and methodical work (working on my thesis immediately comes to mind).  There are also issues of paying attention to personal balance — not only what is right or wrong in general, but what is right for my balance (food, rest, activity, etc.).  There is the idea of reaping what you have sown, being accountable for what you have done in the past and how it affects your future.  Some sources suggest this may also include past lives, and the idea that what you are doing/experiencing now may be balancing what happened in a past life (karma). 

I see my personal tarot card for the year as being similar to paying attention to my astrological forecast: A guide post, something to keep in mind in the back of my head, as perhaps a sort of filter through which to view things in my life.  If it helps me make sense of things, and leads to growth, it is a worthwhile tool.   🙂


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