Starbucks comes to Crescent City, CA

starbucks.jpg   Starbucks has it’s grand opening in Crescent City on 20 March, but today they were having an open house (with free drinks and goodies), and in a town this size it didn’t take long for word to get around.  EVERYONE was there. 

Starbucks is on the north end of town, on Hwy 101 at Cooper.  The fairgrounds is across the street on Hwy 101 (which is probably where this guy came from with his horse), and there is a Home Depot across the side street (Cooper).  Am not a coffee drinker, but when I can have caffeine again (in July), you can bet I will be in there for a venti iced green tea (unsweetened). 


About judithornot

Lives in semi-rural Northern California, happily married, retired counselor, night person, knits, plays WoW.
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