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Labeling/Being a Bridge

I was born in the Pisceian era, and I’m a Capricorn.    That means I bought into the hierarchical, follow the rules stuff still rampant in the 1950s.  BUT, I was a teenager in the 1960s, and I have four planets … Continue reading

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Living Vicariously

When I was younger, I heard a lot about parents living vicariously through their kids. Usually it had something to do with sports or drama, and the connotations were negative. As in, they never got to do something, so they … Continue reading

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I’m tired of drama . . .

. . . that’s all.

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Looking Within

I love introspective questions. Socrates said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” If we understand why we do things, there is a better chance we will be able to change the stuff we don’t like, in ourselves AND in … Continue reading

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Cultural Influences

To get a better foundation for viewing domestic/sexual violence from a Native American point of view, I am reading a paper done in 2002:  Community-Based Analysis of the United States Legal Systems Intervention in Domestic Abuse Cases Involving Indigenous Women, by … Continue reading

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Native American Genocide

While attending HSU a few years ago, I took Native American studies classes. I read and heard about the colonization of North America by the people of the United States from a different perspective than anything I got in grade school through … Continue reading

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Learning the Ropes

I am a non-indigenous person working for a Native American tribal nation.  For years I avoided something like this, because I didn’t want to be seen as an outsider coming along and telling people how to make their lives “right.”  Native … Continue reading

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