Cultural Influences

To get a better foundation for viewing domestic/sexual violence from a Native American point of view, I am reading a paper done in 2002:  Community-Based Analysis of the United States Legal Systems Intervention in Domestic Abuse Cases Involving Indigenous Women, by Mending the Sacred Hoop of Minnesota Program Development, Inc.  I’m used to academic papers, so it doesn’t seem all that dry, and am getting a lot of good information.  In some cases, it is just knowing what questions to ask.  On page 348 are ideas originally pulled from a book published in 1960: Variations in the Value Orientations, by Kluckhohn and Stolbeck.  They suggest that people turn to their cultures to answer the following five questions:

  • What is basic human nature?
  • What is the relationship of humankind to nature?
  • How should we perceive our relationship to time?
  • What is the value placed on activity?
  • What should be the relationship of people to each other?

What follows those questions is a comparison of Indigenous cultural views and the views of dominant mainstream culture in the United States.  I may write something about that at another time.  But meanwhile, how would you answer those questions?  There are cultural influences, but also our own personal history has a lot to do with it.  For me, those questions are going to be fodder for journaling.

How would you answer those questions?


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One Response to Cultural Influences

  1. Teresa Michelsen says:

    Judith, I think I’ll write an answer to this on my blog, because it seems like any one of these questions could be a long essay on its own! Maybe people will see the questions here and there and blog some more about them 🙂


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