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Clothesline Project (in a small town)

The Clothesline Project is a way of giving women a voice about the domestic and/or sexual violence they have experienced in their lives.  It began in Massachusetts in 1990, and refers to the way women used to hang their clothes to dry on … Continue reading

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Violence is common . . . does that make it right?

It has not escaped me that in a post from last week I was upset about us bombing Libya, and in the next post I wrote about playing World of Warcraft.  I deplore violence, and yet I play a (mostly) violent … Continue reading

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Three generations of WoW

Got a call from our son two days ago; he purchased World of Warcraft and the first expansion.  He told us what server he was on, and that he already created a Troll character.   Our grandkids learned to play WoW while visiting … Continue reading

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Happy Spring! (PS: We are involved in another war)

I wanted to post this on Sunday, which was the first day of Spring here in North America, but the news we were bombing Libya rather put me off any celebration. The Equinox is when the hours of day and … Continue reading

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Change can be scary

I have a friend in Japan, and today I learned he and his family are okay.  I am relieved.  Now that the initial, horrific danger from natural causes is calming, there are worries about what will happen with the nuclear … Continue reading

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Clouds: Temporary Art

I love watching clouds.  I don’t know the official names of the types of clouds, and frankly, I don’t care.  I love the aesthetic experience of watching clouds.   I love their colors: all shades of grey and white, some with hints of … Continue reading

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To Guild or not to Guild

When I began playing WoW I got help from my husband (who was in the same room), but didn’t know anyone else who played.  Frankly, I heard enough trash talk and horror stories in chat to make me stick with … Continue reading

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