Sound of crows

I grew up in Southern California, in an area that was once all orchards and corn fields, so I grew up with the sound of crows.  I think of it as a very friendly sound, a sound of conversation and community.  Crows are very intelligent birds, in the same family as ravens and Stellers jays.  I love watching them solve a problem, such as how to get that thing open that could have food in it.       🙂      I realize they also attack the nests of other birds, going after the eggs and even the baby birds (sad,but true).  They are carrion birds, cleaning up things that have died.  Thanks to Sting, I know a flock of crows is known as a murder of crows.  

Crows go wherever there are people, and are considered an invasive species in some areas.  In farming communities they are considered pests, because they eat crops.  A friend from Pennsylvania came out for a visit once, and was surprised our local crows were not afraid of people.  He said back there people shoot at crows all the time, so the crows avoid people.  Here they will come within a couple feet of you, and may even caw at you, begging food.   There are people with pet crows, and they can be taught to talk.  Another friend lived in a neighborhood where someone had released a pet crow, and kept hearing things like “Hello!” and “How ya doin’?”   It took him a while before he realized it was the bird.   🙂

One of my favorite areas in World of Warcraft used to be Westfall, which was a farming community and always had a sound of crows.  It felt like home.  Now I work in an area surrounded by dairy farms and gardens, so there are lots of crows.  I enjoy listening to them.  From a metaphysical standpoint, crows represent messages, community, and exploration (in all their forms, good and not-so-good). 

I am fond of most birds (well, not pigeons), but crows speak to me of survival, intelligence, and community.  Good things to think on in times of change.


About judithornot

Lives in semi-rural Northern California, happily married, retired counselor, night person, knits, plays WoW.
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