Mercury retrograde

Disclaimer:  I am not an astrologer.  I do not think planets and asteroids make things happen in a person’s life.  I do, however, think they may be signposts about things to pay attention to, like the warning sign on a road that says slow down to 25 mph for this curve.

On March 30th Mercury went retrograde, and will go direct on April 23rd.  This means the planet Mercury appears to be going backwards through the sky; it is not, but the positions of Mercury and the Earth and their orbits makes it look that way.  In astrology, when Mercury goes retrograde there is a greater possibility of a problem with things “ruled” by Mercury — travel and communication (of all kinds) being the most obvious.  I think it is interesting that there was a major landslide on Hwy 101 in Northern California (which closed the road for several days) right about the time Mercury went retrograde.  Making things more specific, people suggest when Mercury is retrograde it is time to consider “re-” words, such as release, re-organize, re-visit, re-consider . . .         Mercury goes retrograde three times this year.  Right now it is retrograde in Aries, which suggests it would be a good idea to restrain the energy of that sign to make sure everything is ready.  It will go retrograde again from August 2nd to 26th, when the sun sign Leo is in charge.  This would be a time to reconsider self-centered behaviors.  The last time in 2011 is November 23rd thru December 13th in Sagittarius, when we need to rethink our goals and rediscover meaningful connections previously overlooked.

If you want to get even more specific, find out where Mercury is transiting in your natal chart.  Online you can go to Astrodienst and have your astrological chart done, including one that shows your natal chart and the current position of the planets.  (Go to the Extended Chart Selection, and at the box where you select the type of chart you want, choose natal chart and transits.  Your natal chart will be shown inside the circle, and the current transits on the outside.  You can even put in the date of the beginning of Mercury retrograde and in another view the date of the end, to see what Houses and Planets will be affected by the retrograde.)  Looking at your chart will help you understand how it may affect you personally.  For instance, Mercury will be dancing back and forth in my Fifth House this time, which rules children, playfulness, and creativity.  (If you want more information about understanding Houses and Planets, Astrodienst is a good source for that, too.)

Being asked to re-consider playfulness and creativity doesn’t sound all that bad.  Perhaps I also need to be aware of a tendency to act more like a child.  As in, playing rather than getting things done.  Hmmm . . .


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