Visitor from Baja: Crested Caracara

On Wednesday morning I saw a bird that is not supposed to be in this area: a Crested Caracara.  It was along Hwy 101, about 12 miles south of the Oregon border, sharing road kill with some crows.  When I saw it I didn’t know what it was, so a friend directed me to where I finally found it.  It is not a migratory bird, and its range appears to be Central and South America, though it does show up in Florida (where it is endangered) and southern areas of Arizona.  All I can figure is that this bird was blown north by the storms we have been having. 

I notice birds, but am not a bird watcher.  So when a bird really makes me take notice, I find myself wondering if it is bringing me a message.  Many of the online sites talk about how this is the national bird of Mexico, and that it features in folklore, but none of them talked about a meaning associated with the bird.  I did finally find this blog:  .  Robert G. Longpre writes about his photography through a Jungian lens, and in thinking about the Crested Caracara he suggests the bird might be about “coming to terms with all we have ever denied about ourselves.”  Interesting.  I wonder if the appearance of the bird has anything to do with my Mercury retrograde transit?   Things to ponder . . .

PS  I saw the bird again on September 6th (2011), taking care of road kill along Hwy 101, just north of the Dr. Fine Bridge, Smith River CA.


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2 Responses to Visitor from Baja: Crested Caracara

  1. Kiwi says:

    I am doing a report on this bird i would love to learn more about the Crested Caracara please tell me more about this bird


  2. judithornot says:

    Wish I could tell you more, but I really don’t know much about it. I talked with a birding friend and did some internet research. I have seen the bird (or another one like it) a third time, on a county road in the same area. It was just walking along. 🙂 I heard sometimes people in Mexico will catch a male bird, and put it in with chickens, to create a better fighting bird. Don’t know if that is true. I do know we have a large immigrant population from Mexico in that area, so I wonder if someone brought it up for that reason?


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