Discovered: The Michael Teachings

Have not posted much this week, because I discovered the Michael Teachings.  (Thank you, A!)  For some of you this topic may be too “out there,” so you may want to skip this entry.  But if you find yourself interested in the spiritual aspects of life, you may find it interesting.    🙂    In fact, you may already know a lot more about it than I do!

Michael is a spiritual entity made up of 1,050 souls who have completed their lifetimes on Earth.  They are spirit guides and mentors to us who are still on Earth, “channeling their wisdom and energy to us for our spiritual advancement and learning.”  At the website, The Michael Teachings, I’ve spent several hours this week learning about the organization of life between lives, and how to figure out where you may be in the scheme of things.  What fascinates me is that these teachings are essentially the same as what Michael Newton (no, not the Michael  from the Michael Teachings) wrote about in his investigation of life between lives while helping his clients.  [I wrote about this here.]  Over the last nine years I found these teachings dove-tail well into the spiritual principles I have been living by for 20+ years.  Finding The Michael Teachings is like coming home, and filling in some of the gaps in my understanding.  Am also using it to understand more about my depression and to generate additional tools for handling it.

It is possible to get more individualized information through a Michael channel (a person open to being a channel for the information from Michael to you).   As much as that idea appeals to me (especially since it can be done by email), recent events have helped me understand it is important for me to figure out some of this stuff on my own.  It is fascinating.  And because I am a “scholar” with a goal of “expansion” (growth), this is also doing wonders for any depressive tendencies.

If any of this tickles your interest at all, I encourage you to visit The Michael Teachings website.  LOTS of good reading!   🙂


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2 Responses to Discovered: The Michael Teachings

  1. No, in fact it’s right up my alley. I have a blog at

    called SpiritualThemes that you might like. It’s kind of a blog of about 30 years of information I have studied. I have never seen the “Michael” site so I’ll have to check it out(later). Thanks, Keep Blogging, Keep Writing.


  2. judithornot says:

    Thank you, Forager. 🙂 I will be checking out your blog from time to time.


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