A vacuum cleaner that WORKS with 3 cats in the house

I had a decent vacuum cleaner that works with multiple animals, but it died about ten years ago.  Two vacuum cleaners later, I was in despair of finding one that actually picked up lots of cat hair.  My last local purchase — a Bissell Cleanview II —  didn’t even pick up the dirt . . . it just moved it around.  So I did my research, went online, and bought the Dyson DC25 for $430.  (Ouch!)   But it is worth it — it works!  It arrived yesterday, I put it together with three clicks, and then I had fun vacuuming the house.  It pivots on a ball in the center, so it is very easily maneuverable, AND the brushes and vacuuming surface in cleaner head actually pick up dirt/hair all the way to the edges!  No more vacuuming a room and then having to go back over all the edges with an edge tool.  Still have to do it with the corners, but that is quick.  It is bagless, but when you go to empty this one, the dirt remains contained until you take it where you want to dump it, then push one button at the top, while the trapdoor empties at the bottom.  FAR less messy!  It also has two dust/allergen filters you wash every couple months, so you aren’t breathing all the fine dust lesser vacuums release into the air.  And yes, it does come with an edge tool and another one for reaching upholstery and out-of-the-way places (ceiling corners, along stairs without having to drag the vacuum cleaner, etc.).    Top this off with it having a digital motor that is faster and half the size and weight of other vacuums . . . . this thing is great.  Really.  And I don’t even own stock.  Am just so happy to finally find a vacuum cleaner that will actually WORK — everything else is bonus points.  (Oh yeah, and it isn’t as loud as other vacuums.  But the cats still don’t like it.) 

The color (purple and gun-metal grey) and design is kinda spacey, too.  My husband kept asking me where the laser gun was attached.


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Lives in semi-rural Northern California, happily married, retired counselor, night person, knits, plays WoW.
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One Response to A vacuum cleaner that WORKS with 3 cats in the house

  1. callouttheguards says:

    And don’t forget the alien sensor and warp drive detector


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