An old farmhouse

I like this house.

Old farmhouses fascinate me.  This one must have belonged to a properous farmer, because it has the wing in the back.  I imagine what the rooms might look like — probably not very big, but with tall ceilings.  Did they have a housekeeper and handyman/foreman living with them?  Families were bigger back then, and many times there was a housekeeper to help with chores and to feed the hired hands who worked the fields. 

My mother grew up in Amarillo, Texas, on a dairy farm, one of nine kids.  Back in 1960 we took a vacation with family friends, and one of them bet my mom a steak dinner she couldn’t find the house she used to live in.  She did.  It had been miles out of town when she left in 1930, and when she found it it was on the edges of town.  I suspect it has been leveled and replaced with a strip mall by now.  It was a big, white house, and looked a lot like this one.  She laughed when she saw it, saying she remembered it being bigger.

I realize old houses can be a pain to maintain, so I will probably never own one.  If I got rich I might build one like it, but with porches.   🙂     I wonder what stories this house could tell?


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Lives in semi-rural Northern California, happily married, retired counselor, night person, knits, plays WoW.
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