Scholar or Priest?

Last month I wrote a short blog entry about discovering the Michael Teachings.  I have been reading the web site, and a couple weeks ago I ordered a book referenced there and by friends: The Journey of Your Soul, by Shepard Hoodwin (1999).  It is out-of-print, so a bit expensive, but worth it.  He writes about channeling in general, and the Michael Teachings in specific.  I have not gotten very far into it yet, but am learning a lot of things that ring true.  Such as, our guides are there for advice, but they would really prefer we make our own choices . . . that is one of the reasons we are here  —  to learn.

After working through a lot of the web site information on my own, I made some intuitive choices as to what some of my information might be.  Before I say anything further, keep in mind no one category is better than another.  Each age, role, body type, goal, attitude, et cetera has advantages and disadvantages.  When we come into a life cycle, our over-arching goal is to experience all life has to offer, and to be an extension of what I call the Beloved, and the Michael Teachings call the Tao. 

One of the basic categories is your Role. To quote Shepard Hoodwin, it is “One of the seven types of essences [the essence is your Soul, the one that goes with you through all of your cycle of incarnations]: server, priest, artisan, sage, warrior, king, and scholar.  Everyone has a particular role.  It defines the individual’s way of being or fundamental style, not his worldly position.”  After reading through several sources, I decided my Role is probably Scholar, someone whose defining style is to seek knowledge.  There are a lot of other bits that play into it, and if you are curious you can read more at the Michael Teachings website (referenced above).   I made other choices about what I think my soul age, needs, et cetera are, but was unable to reason through what my Life Task might be, or my Four Pillars (true rest, true play, true study, and true work).  So I decided to get an objective look at those things, and contact two channels who do email readings (as in, they do a distance channeling and email you the results).  Since there is no time or space in the spiritual world, distance work is as valid as a reading done in the same room.

The first channel I worked with was Talyaa Liera, who works through a website called Polaris Rising.   She agreed I am a Scholar, and gave me input regarding my Life Task and Four Pillars (along with 23 other items).  Since channels agree there is a 15% error rate (Guides do not know everything, and it is difficult to get some concepts into the human language), and I had a question about the Four Pillars response, I decided to consult another channel.  I learned Shepard Hoodwin is still doing channeling at Summer Joy.  It turned out he does not do the Life Task and Four Pillars with his chart, so I paid a little extra for that information.  He was able to confirm much of the information Talyaa channeled, and to answer my questions about the Four Pillars.   However, there was one major difference — he saw my Role as a Priest!  Priests tend to seek the higher good, and have more of a spiritual focus.  In reading about Priests on the Michael Teachings website, it does fit in many ways.  I could write this off as being part of that 15% possible error rate, but I suspect something else is going on.

I still know very little about the Michael Teachings in general.  And the more I learn about spiritual things, the more I realize how little I know.  All I have read about the Michael Teachings so far suggests we only have one Role.  But they do say our Essence (or what I call the Higher Self) carries knowledge and awareness from all the lives it has lived.   I have also read some of them using the term “bleedthrough,” where the influence from another source can affect how we do things in this life.  So am wondering if I had the Priest Role in one (or several) of my other incarnation cycles, and that is bleeding through now?

The cool thing about my studies so far is not a focus on what categories I may be in, but on having a spiritual focus in general.  That has always been a part of my life (as has reading and a thirst for knowledge), and is the primary thing that gets me through the rough days.  I am also a pragmatist, and as the old saying goes, I do not want to be so spiritually minded that I am no earthly good.     🙂       My studies of the Michael Teachings are both practical and fascinating.


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