I like stones

I have been writing all this time, and never written about stones.  I like stones.  Even when I was a kid, I picked up pretty rocks and brought them home.  My first purchased stone was a tiger’s eye, which is still one of my favorite stones.  I remember my mom was dubious about buying me a “rock,” so she had them glue a fitting to it and I wore it as a necklace.  Jewelery she understood.  When I learned to darn socks, I already had a wonderfully round stone from a river bed to use as my darning egg. 

I have stones on my desk at work.  This is a photo of the obsidian (left), fluorite (right), and cerussite (front) I keep on my desk.  They were chosen to dispel negativity, provide grounding, and enhance communication.  In my office I also have amethyst, labradorite (another favorite), malachite, petrified wood, and agates.

I also carry stones in my pocket on a regular basis, though they change from time to time.  Lately I’ve been carrying sodalite (the blue stone in the photo below), fire agate (center), and serpentine (right); they are grouped in front of a chunk of amethyst my grandkids picked out for me. 

Our house has stones in every room, ranging from loaf-of-bread sized to tiny beads.  I have craft-sorting boxes full of stones; our granddaughter used to have fun looking at them all.      🙂    I also tend to prefer jewelry that is simple and features common or semi-precious stones. 

Why stones?  I do not really know.  I was collecting stones long before I knew they had any metaphysical properties.  [If you are interested in the metaphysical properties of stones, the best book I have found yet is The Crystal Bible, by Judy Hall.  I have other good books about stones, but that one is the most helpful.]   I like the way stones feel in my hand, and the way they look.  

Do you have a favorite stone?


About judithornot

Lives in semi-rural Northern California, happily married, retired counselor, night person, knits, plays WoW.
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