Re-visiting books and movies

I enjoy reading Crazy Aunt Purl’s blog, because she wonders out loud (well, on-line and in print, really) about life, and makes it both funny and interesting.  Last year I was not doing much of anything, so I missed a lot of blog entries.  I am reading them now, and it’s like reading an autobiography (which it is).  In her blog entry on April 28, 2010, titled “Wednesday,” Crazy Aunt Purl writes about re-reading books and re-watching movies.  She quotes one of her readers as commenting, “I never go back and re-read books or watch movies again, life is too short to waste time on something I’ve already read or seen when there is more out there to experience.”

So there is another way of sorting people into categories:  Those who re-read books or re-watch movies, and those who do not.

I re-read and re-watch.   My mother did not.  The first time this became obvious was when I was a young teen on vacation with my mom.  The little town we spent the night in had a theatre showing “Casino Royale” (this was the 1966 James Bond spoof — very funny) and I begged my mom for us to go.  “No, we saw that movie last month.  Why would you want to see a movie again?”  I was astounded at the idea of not seeing a movie more than once (I watched old sci-fi movies on TV after school all the time), yet there was no negotiating with my mom (period), so that ended that.

My husband and I re-read Terry Pratchett novels all the time.  Two other books I re-read more-or-less yearly are Momo, by Michael Ende, and Ecotopia, by Ernest Callenbach.  Then there are all the non-fiction books I dip into on a regular basis (though am not sure that counts as re-reading).  We also re-watch movies  — in fact, we have a special category of movies we call “sleepy movies,” that we have seen so many times, we can fall asleep watching them.  The current sleepy movie is “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” (2010).  There are about a dozen DVDs I re-watch on a regular basis, and more I re-watch at special times of the year.  As for seeing a movie more than once at the theatre, am pretty sure the first “Matrix” is my personal record holder (seven times), though I know there are others I have seen three or four times at the theatre.

How about you?  Do you re-read and re-watch?  Or is once enough for you?


PS  Someone read this blog after searching on the question of why people re-read books or re-watch movies.  Good question.  I asked my husband and we talked about it.  Books and movies are stories, and people have been telling and listening to stories over and over for thousands of years.  Why?  Perhaps because people learn a little bit more each time.  Perhaps because the stories make you happy, or give you hope.  Those were a few of the ideas we came up with.  Again, what do you think?


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