Brazie’s Sunflower (WoW)

I GOT IT!     🙂

With the Cataclysm expansion of World of Warcraft (WoW), many things changed.  Some I am not so crazy about (such as what they did to the Horde), but one thing I do like is the addition of this companion pet: Brazie’s Sunflower.  At first I figured it was a high level quest, because I saw the pet with high level characters.  Not true.  I went to , a great source of answers about the game, and researched it.  You only have to be a level 20 to take the quest, but it is on the edge of Horde territory.  My Alliance level 40s and 50s flew to Chillwind Point Post, Western Plaguelands, and rode west around the south edge of the Alterac Mountains at the head of the four naves.  My level 30s had to fly to the Hinterlands, and cross into the Western Plaguelands and Chillwind Point Post.   Some of my 20s flew as far as Refuge Point in the Arathi Highlands.  My level 20 had to ride from Dun Modir (on the northern edge of the Wetlands).  If nothing else, the lower levels get bonuses for the new areas discovered.  🙂  

If you have played the game Plants vs Zombies, you will have no trouble figuring out this quest.  It is a game within the game.  However, if you haven’t played Plants vs Zombies (like me), it would be a very good idea to read the comments on Wowhead.  Search on Brazie’s Sunflower Seeds — I found the most helpful comments there.  It still took me about an hour and half (and several trys) to figure it out the first time.

This companion pet is cute.    🙂   The Sunflower follows you around, and occasionally sings (in a little girl’s voice) “There’s a zombie on your la-awn,” or a string of nonsense syllables, such as “Da da do de do de do de.”  When she stops singing, notes float above her and her hands glow.  It’s the voice that is disconcerting.    🙂    Am going to have all my toons get one.


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