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“Sherlock,” on BBC

Before our son was born, we got into the habit of me reading a book aloud, one chapter a night.  After he was born, we continued, and he grew up hearing all the Tolkien books, Jack London, biographies, and a wide … Continue reading

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SES and Politics

I generally avoid talking about politics.  I have been known to walk out of such conversations.  Am not very good at remembering the facts behind my positions, and I have an irritating ability to see both sides of most issues, so … Continue reading

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The Web*sters, Ashland OR

Today I re-discovered The Web*sters in Ashland, Oregon.  The first time I visited it (18 years ago), I still considered myself a weaver, tho’ it had been 3-4 years since I had done any weaving.  The next time I visited … Continue reading

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“Text me up!”

A couple days ago I was in a large, discount-type store (no, not Walmart), and I caught the last of a conversation between a young, male employee and a young, female customer.  It was obvious they had been flirting, and as … Continue reading

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The world has changed . . .

Yes, I have been thinking about the events of ten years ago, when the terrorist attack occurred on 9/11/01.  I didn’t want to write about it, because I believe the media is already covering it ad nauseam.  I have great respect … Continue reading

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Tarot is in your point of view

Several days ago I did a tarot reading for myself about change.  In response to the question, “Where can I find stability and practical support?” I got the Five of Rods.   I came up with a variety of ideas, including … Continue reading

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Hard times

My mom was a child during World War I, saw her family fall apart after her papa made a poor investment, and got married and was raising kids during the Great Depression.  All those things shaped her attitudes about money and … Continue reading

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