Tarot is in your point of view

Several days ago I did a tarot reading for myself about change.  In response to the question, “Where can I find stability and practical support?” I got the Five of Rods.   I came up with a variety of ideas, including accepting input from others.   Then today, while I was knitting, I noticed this:

Literally, five rods.    🙂   

Some time ago, I read about a study done at Oxford (England) about how to integrate difficult things into your thinking, and one of the activities they suggested was knitting.  (More about that here. )  So it makes perfect sense that knitting would be a source of stability and practical support for me.

Never overlook the obvious when dealing with the symbolic.        🙂


About judithornot

Lives in semi-rural Northern California, happily married, retired counselor, night person, knits, plays WoW.
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2 Responses to Tarot is in your point of view

  1. stitchknit says:

    Knitting can be very zen like. Some of my best thinking time is when I’m knitting! Not sure if that makes for the best knitting tho! 🙂


    • judithornot says:

      The more intricate knitting calls for closer attention to what you are doing, but what better way to let go of the other stressers in your life? Of course, an error you have to frog just adds more stress. lol Still I do enjoy knitting when I need to calm and center. 🙂 Thanks for your input!


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