The world has changed . . .

Yes, I have been thinking about the events of ten years ago, when the terrorist attack occurred on 9/11/01.  I didn’t want to write about it, because I believe the media is already covering it ad nauseam.  I have great respect for the people who died because of that day, or who risked their lives, and the ones who survived but are still dealing with the memories (and outcomes).   I honor them.  But I worry that it is encouraging terrorists to have so much attention turned to that day. 

Yes, I remember my thoughts that morning.  When I turned on the radio and learned what was happening, I cried.  I cried because a family member had enlisted in the military the year before, and I knew we would be going to war.  Later I cried for the people who were harmed that day.  And I was happy when I learned a cousin made it out of Tower #2 before it collapsed.

The United States has changed.  More people have died, here and overseas, many of them civilians who just wanted to live their lives.  And our lives have changed.  This morning I read this blog, about a woman who was detained at the Detroit airport because of racial profiling.  You like to think these things happen to “other people,” but it could happen to any one of us.   One “wrong move,” or one suspicious person.

In ten years time you would expect the world to change, anyway.  And some of this you could see coming years before 9/11/01.  But please, Deity . . . don’t let the United States become like the regime in “V for Vendetta.”  Don’t let fear and hatred rule our lives.


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