“Text me up!”

A couple days ago I was in a large, discount-type store (no, not Walmart), and I caught the last of a conversation between a young, male employee and a young, female customer.  It was obvious they had been flirting, and as he walked away he called back to her, “Text me up!” 

Took me a moment to figure that one out.  I do occasionally text people, usually with something work related (on my work phone).  I have texted a couple family members on my personal phone, but I don’t even turn it on unless I want to talk with someone.  (I can almost hear the gasps from readers.)   My personal time is my time, and I am not required to be on-call for the rest of the world.

I’m a Baby Boomer, but I’ve tried very hard not to be an old fuddy-duddy.  I pay attention to the new styles being worn, and adapt them to my own style.  I keep up with the news.  I play World of Warcraft.  I have a Facebook account (which I check regularly).  But I do not understand the constant need to be connected with the world.  London’s Science Museum recently surveyed 3,000 adults and asked what they couldn’t live without.  Number 2 was the Internet and Number 5 was Facebook . . . ahead of a flushing toilet and a shower!  (You can see the results here.)   The Internet does make life easier; I live in a rural area, and there are many things we can only buy online or several hundred miles away.   And Facebook makes it easier to keep up with what friends are doing.  But ahead of a flushing toilet?  Ahead of a shower?  All I can figure is that these people have never done without those two things.

As I said above, there are a lot of good things attached to the increased communication.   Last weekend I played WoW with my nine-year-old granddaughter — and she was over 2,000 miles away.  Her typing skills are very good.    🙂   But look up from that cell phone at the world around you.  Actually think about what you want, rather than texting or facebooking a survey to your friends about what you should do.

And don’t bother texting me up.


About judithornot

Lives in semi-rural Northern California, happily married, retired counselor, night person, knits, plays WoW.
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2 Responses to “Text me up!”

  1. kiwiyarns says:

    You should have seen my daughter when she came to stay with me for four months, and there was *no cellphone reception* and *no broadband*. Oh, the withdrawal symptoms! At the end of the four months, she wondered why she wanted to be online and connected the whole time anyway… and why did she waste so much time looking at stuff online?? It’s basically an addiction, isn’t it? Technology is great, but you are right – we need to keep it in check.


  2. judithornot says:

    It is good she had a chance to be without it. Now she can choose to use it or not, and know that it doesn’t rule her life. 🙂 I am hooked on an online game, but eventually I got to the place where being away from it for a day or two or a week actually felt good.


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