Nashville TN

During the flight to Tennessee, I was so excited to be landing in Nashville.  It is one of those almost-mythic U.S. cities.  With Los Angeles you think movies, New York is the arts, Seattle is fresh air and coffee and maybe grunge, Miami is salsa music and beaches, and so on.  Am sure different people will tag cities in different ways.   But Nashville is Music City U.S.A.   Funny thing — I don’t even like country music.  I won’t get started on that.     🙂    

Here are some scenes from Nashville:

The rivers really have shaped this land.  This is the Cumberland River.  In May 2010 the Cumberland River flooded, and Nashville felt the effects.  The new Grand Ole Opry building and others along the river were flooded.  Fortunately much of the downtown area is on a hill or hills, but the businesses closer to the river were affected.

They take guitars seriously in Nashville.  I don’t remember the name of this shop, but I believe it was on Broadway.  It had walls full of the most beautiful guitars, all works of art, and almost all for sale.  I don’t know how to play a guitar, but I knew enough to be in awe of what I was seeing.

Hard Rock Cafe


Music is BIG in Nashville, and it's not all country.


Although country music is VERY alive and well. 🙂


Boots are also very big in Nashville.


The AT&T building in downtown Nashville illustrates the mixture of old and new Nashville. It is a vibrant city, honoring tradition even while it leads the way into the future.


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