Living with Nature

I live in a part of the world just right for me.  I see mountains with snow.  I hear the ocean waves breaking only a mile away.  There are trees everywhere, and some of those redwoods are HUGE.  An elk herd grazes nearby.   The air is clean and clear, and the weather is moderate.  It is a bit remote and rainy for most people; I count this as a plus. 

I’m not a hiker, or a fisher, or a rafter, which I’ve been told is a shame, since the Smith River is one of the cleanest rivers in the United States.  And there are so many trails around here, to walk and hike. 

I like being able to stand outside our back door, and look up at the tree-covered slopes.  To step out the front door at night or before dawn, and see that beautiful Moon and all the stars sparkling in the frosty air.    To walk out to my car in the morning, and greet the raven sitting on a pole with what looks like someone’s toast.  As I drive over the Smith River, I greet it, too.  I read somewhere it is considered polite to ask the spirit of the river for permission to cross; my greeting is a version of that. 

My spiritual path has changed over the years, but elements of where I am now have always been present.  I still pray/talk with the Beloved, but I see Deity as being present in everything around me.  All of Nature is sentinent in its own way, even the rocks.  So I seek to work with Nature.   My path is not as environmentally sound as I would like, but am working in that direction.  I feel so grateful to live in this area, surrounded by the beauty of Nature on a daily basis.

Happy Winter Solstice!


About judithornot

Lives in semi-rural Northern California, happily married, retired counselor, night person, knits, plays WoW.
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4 Responses to Living with Nature

  1. Caroline says:

    What an incredible place you live in…mountains, sea, woods and rivers! Its got it all. A lovely snapshot into your surroundings!


    • judithornot says:

      I love it here. It has drawbacks in some ways (local politics, high unemployment rate), but in the balance I’d still rather live here than anywhere else. 🙂


  2. wartica says:

    Great photos and post:)) It’s amazing how the simplicity of nature can be so breathtaking. You can also start to see, once you open up to its beauty, how everything is working together in unison. There is no division amongst the river, trees, oceans etc. That is what I find so great about nature because everything seems to be working as one:))


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