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My WoW character hit 85!

I’ve only been playing World of Warcraft (WoW) for three or four years.  My first characters were created on my husband’s account, and when I opened my own account I started fresh.  Over the years I have tried a variety … Continue reading

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Interaction of Crafter and Materials

I have often read about artists and crafters who talk about how the material they use informs the art/craft they make.  Michelangelo said that when he carved marble, he chiseled away the part that was not the statue — the … Continue reading

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When elders drive

My car got hit last weekend, by an elderly gentleman in a hurry, whose eyesight may not have been the greatest, and who was distracted by a task.  I am very glad no one got hurt, and the car is … Continue reading

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Whom do I thank for my cup of hot tea?

This week during the drive to work, I sipped organic jasmine green tea from a travel cup, and it was SO good.  On a very cold morning, that warm beverage was what I needed.  I felt thankful. Whom do I … Continue reading

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Do you journal?

I began journaling in high school.  I was broke, and discovered the larger spiral notebooks worked just fine.  Some days I wrote pages, and sometimes it was months between entries.  That was when I discovered fountain pens with cartridges.  It … Continue reading

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Self-harming behavior

The other day I was sitting in my office, hearing a conversation going on in the front lobby.  Several women were discussing someone they know who engages in self-harming behavior.  One of the comments was, “She does it when she … Continue reading

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Anticipation (2012)

[Cue the Carole King song, “Anticipation.”  In 1979, Heinz Ketchup made a classic commercial about waiting for ketchup to come out of the bottle, with a background of Carole King’s song.  We didn’t even have a television at the time, … Continue reading

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