Today’s word is Passion

I have an extra day off today, and decided I would be lazy.  (Am still going to write that blog entry about laziness.  Eventually.  🙂 )  It is rainy and windy, so I laid in bed watching, “Fools Rush In” (1996).  It is one of my favorite movies, not because it is a romantic comedy, but because it speaks to me of passion.  It contains one of my favorite movie lines: “You’re everything I never knew I always wanted!”  That’s how I feel about my husband.  🙂  The male lead, Alex Whitman (Matthew Perry), is a WASP with money and a job he loves.  Enter Isabela Fuentes (Salma Hayek), a passionate Hispanic woman who is creating a photography book about the desert around Las Vegas, and has a birth family she loves.   Alex says that line to Isabela; she turns his life upside down with her passion.  Colors, music, laughter, tears, dance, taking chances, and paying attention to “signs.” 

I so admire creative people, people who live their life with passion.  I have a Scots/German background, and passion was looked at somewhat askance by my family.  Do well in school, get a job that will pay the bills, don’t call attention to yourself.  Even as a kid I wanted to break out of that mold; my mother shook her head a lot at the things I said or did.  (Aunt Jeannette eyed my tattoos with supreme disdain.)  I was often torn between wanting to please the important people in my life, and being myself.  I read a lot of books about people who lived life with passion.  Sometimes they succeeded, sometimes it ended in tears, but they embraced life.  They didn’t always stick with the safe route.  Recently I read a novel about a man who leaves England to live in Casablanca:  The Caliph’s House, by Tahir Shah (2006).  He and his family take a chance, and there is blood, anger, frustration, confusion, and lost money, along with good friendships, laughter, sweet smells, exquisite mosaics, and lives changed.   When I first began reading the book, I kept putting it down because of the culture clash and frustration.  But something kept making me pick up the book and continue reading, and now I realize it was because he was living his life with passion.

My personal tarot card for this year is The Lovers.  It is about choice and relationships.  Already I have been considering the choices I will make in 2012.   I will choose to take some chances.  I will choose to live my life with passion.  There have already been “signs” I am making the right choice, such as the new tarot deck “The Illuminated Tarot” by Carol Herzer, and a beautiful necklace that will help me deal with emotions and all the Emperor card means, and a hummingbird that sat on my fence in the midst of wind to stare at me.    🙂    Am not sure what forms it will take, and it will surely mean tears mixed with the joy, but I choose to live my life with Passion!   So mote it be.


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Lives in semi-rural Northern California, happily married, retired counselor, night person, knits, plays WoW.
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