Anticipation (2012)

[Cue the Carole King song, “Anticipation.”  In 1979, Heinz Ketchup made a classic commercial about waiting for ketchup to come out of the bottle, with a background of Carole King’s song.  We didn’t even have a television at the time, but I remember that commercial.  I can’t even think of the word without her song running through my head.  🙂  ]

2012 is here.  People have been talking about 2012 and what might happen for years.  Movies have been made about it, books have been written about it, and even people who normally show no inclination to discuss the paranormal are talking about it.  It has become so over-discussed, it is a little like the Celine Dion song, “My Heart Will Go On.”  It is a great song, but after the radio stations played it every 15 minutes for days, you heard the song begin and thought, Not that again! 

A couple years ago I attended a training taught by a woman who worked with Mayan people in Guatemala; in the process she became good friends with a Mayan spiritual leader.  The Mayan wise woman came to the U.S., and was bemused by all the talk about 2012.  She works with that calendar (on a practical basis), and she kept telling people here, It is just the end of a cycle!  There will be change, but the world is not going to end.

My favorite calendar is “We’Moon,” produced by Mother Tongue Ink in Oregon.  It is very nature-centered, keeping an eye on patterns, environmental concerns, and how we can all work together to make a difference in the world.  Heather Roan Robbins wrote an article about the astrological implications in 2012, and said, “This year is a turning point.  It is not an end, as some predict; we cannot get out of our evolutionary homework that quickly.  Time spirals; it’s the beginning of a new cycle . . . ” (p.21).  She goes on to write about the focus on change, and how this will make some people uneasy, and inspire a longing for history and traditions — the way things were.

The thing is, you can’t stop this sort of change.  History makes that clear over and over.  Remember the Bob Dylan song, “The Times They Are A-Changin“?  When the tide of change is happening, don’t try to stop it, or it will destroy you.  What you can do is help guide it in what you see as healthy directions.   Big Business knows this, which is why they have been creating channels of thought to divert this energy in their favor.  Businesses like Dow and Monsanto plan decades in advance, and have contingency plans for every possibility.  Meanwhile, the average person is just struggling to survive. 

The interesting thing is I have not been thinking about 2012.  But one day last week I woke with a sense of anticipation, and it hasn’t gone away.  I want to see what is going to happen.    🙂   I want to watch, listen, and speak up as needed, to help guide the changes in healthy directions.  One average voice may not be enough to make a difference, but put it together with thousands of people who want the world to be a better place, and we will roar.  Let’s take charge of our lives.  Let’s get excited about 2012!


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2 Responses to Anticipation (2012)

  1. Bridget says:

    I have great hope for 2012…already I can feel a change in people’s consciousness…for the better.


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