My WoW character hit 85!

I’ve only been playing World of Warcraft (WoW) for three or four years.  My first characters were created on my husband’s account, and when I opened my own account I started fresh.  Over the years I have tried a variety of races (Horde and Alliance) and classes (hunter, mage, rogue, warrior, shaman, etc.).  I focus on player versus environment (PvE), and until last year tended to play solo (or with a family member).  Hence, I’ve never had a character make it all the way to 85 (the current top level; I believe it is going to 90 next year, when they release the Mists of Pandera expansion). 

A couple weeks ago, my Night Elf Hunter, Periclosa, made it to 85.  🙂    Her name means “dangerous” in Italian; I tend to think of qualities I hope my character personifies, and then look up those words in other languages.   [It’s better than names like “Ipwnu” or “Ralphthestud” — yes, I’ve seen names like that.]   Think I created her in late Summer 2009, during my hunter phase.   At level 10 she went to Azuremyst Isle to get a Nightstalker as her hunting pet, and that is the only pet she has used since.  Eventually she may go on quests to tame some of the more exotic pets (she has a Beast Master speciality), but the cat has served her well, saving Periclosa many times.  

Why this character, out of the 70+ I’ve had over the years?  Partly because she is a hunter, and I enjoy playing hunters.  Partly because she is a Night Elf, a race I enjoy playing.  And partly because she is on the server where my husband has most of his main characters.   Periclosa often plays with the mighty Zippoo (a gnome mage).  🙂   At 70 she got improved flying, which made a lot of things possible she had never done before.  She began exploring, and doing archeology, things that are easier to do when the faster flying allows you to go more places in less time.  She got experience points for all those activities, and made it relatively quickly to level 80, at which point she learned the fastest flying.   I tried to drag out the process between 80 and 85, because for me it really is about the process rather than the achievement, but a couple weeks ago it happened — DING!  It seemed like there ought to have been more celebration when it happened — fireworks or something.  But it was the standard achievement announcement on my screen, and that was it. 

What next?  She is currently working on the Lunar Festival achievements, and has only the one about dungeon Elders to complete.  (Again, with the help of the mighty Zippoo.  🙂  )  She has been working on the archeology, fishing, and cooking achievements, and hopes to have the title “Explorer” soon.  Currently she is Associate Professor Periclosa (thanks to archeology).  I am still having fun playing her, exploring new areas, learning new things,  looking forward to the Pandera expansion.  Yes, there is life after 85.   🙂


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Lives in semi-rural Northern California, happily married, retired counselor, night person, knits, plays WoW.
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