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Thriving Regions?

Last week I attended a very depressing meeting.  It was billed as a time to give input about how we can help our region thrive:  “Can-Do California: Thriving Regions Lead to a Thriving State.”  I guess the fact that the local … Continue reading

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I’m knitting cables!

Most of my knitting is done during “down time” — when I’m waiting for something, or need to let my mind relax.  Hence, I tend to stick to simple designs where I don’t have to do much counting or shaping.  … Continue reading

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Memories of a “B” Baby Boomer

Growing up in Southern California as a middle-class Baby Boomer meant there were a LOT of kids around who were your age.  All those new developments (that replaced the orchards — sigh), and all those kids requiring school districts to … Continue reading

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