For the Team?

In the previous post about playing in World of Warcraft dungeons, I mentioned Tanks have heavier armor and keep the attention of the enemy on them while other team members do damage and heal.  Tanks like to be in control of how many enemy attackers they are “holding,” because they know what they can handle.  For this reason, they get upset if other team members pull more enemy attention.  Sometimes this happens accidentally, because an enemy patrol walks by, but more often it happens because another player isn’t watching what they (or their pet) are doing.  Some over-eager players actively attack enemy the Tank hasn’t attracted yet, and that really pisses Tanks off.  Most Tanks will comment about it, and it becomes a learning situation.  If a non-Tank keeps pulling enemy, they are apt to be kicked (thrown out of the group) at the first opportunity. 

One Tauren Tank I played with was more blunt about it:  He warned the team he would not rescue anyone who pulled more enemy, because “that’s how I roll.”  In WoW, death of a character is a temporary inconvenience; they come back within a minute or two (with damage to their armor).  It can be a learning experience.   In the group that night was a Rogue who kept pushing his luck, and at one point he attacked an enemy boss while the Tank was busy.  When we finished with the immediate enemy, I realized the Rogue was fighting the enemy boss alone . . . and the Tank just stood there watching.  I paused, then began dealing damage to the enemy boss, too.  The Tank continued standing there until the Rogue was almost dead, then he came in and helped finish the boss off.  The Rogue left the group on his own after that. 

I understand what the Tank was doing, and maybe I should have waited,  But I couldn’t stand there and not help a team member.  I tend to be a loner, but if I am in a Team, I try to pull my weight, and I protect team members.  Various military units have the motto, No man left behind.  One of the best bosses I ever had taught me about supporting your co-workers, even if you have a quiet talk with them afterward.   There have been times I had to stand back, but that had more to do with moral choices, and they knew how I felt ahead of time.

What do you think?   Is supporting the Team important for you?  How far are you willing to take your views?  How large a Team will you support:  Your immediate co-workers, your department, your company?


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Lives in semi-rural Northern California, happily married, retired counselor, night person, knits, plays WoW.
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