A bit of weather

We had some interesting weather last weekend — lots of rain in a short period of time after the ground was already soaked.  And then strong wind, with gusts of 40-50 mph.     My husband (a deputy sheriff) made these photos while at work.

At the south end of Crescent City Hwy 101 crosses a marsh, and there is a T-intersection where it is met my a County road.  Occasionally Hwy 101 itself gets flooded, but more often it is the County road. 

We have two rivers in Del Norte County:  The Smith River and the Klamath.  The Smith rises fast, but also goes down quickly.  These are photos of the Smith River on Friday, when it was officially about a foot from flood stage.

It did flood in low-lying areas around the river, mostly fields and the yards of some houses.

With the ground so saturated, slides are common.  This one on Hwy 197 (along the Smith) started out small, and then continued until it was about 10-12 feet deep.

Everyone was worried about the Klamath (no photos there, sorry), because it has a larger drainage area, and does not go down as quickly.  But this year it never did flood onto Hwy 101 (as a did a few years ago).  On Saturday the rain let up, but we had massive wind, and the ground was so soggy many trees went down, blocking Hwy 101 south of town for a while.  One friend said she watched a giant redwood fall across the highway, and that it exploded as it hit the road. 

People new to the area are talking about all the rain and storms as if they are something new.  Actually, this is more like the weather we had in this area back in the 1970s and early 1980s, when 100+ inches of rain was average for the year.   I remember a November storm that left my neighborhood without electricity for five days.   Now the rain rarely goes over 80 inches.  The weather patterns have been slowly changing with the global warming, and this area is drier and warmer now.


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