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ITCC Tribal DV Circle

Last week I attended Inter-Tribal Council of California’s 3rd Annual Tribal Domestic Violence Circle (June 12-13).  Fortunately I attended all three of their DV Circles, and have very much enjoyed each one.  Inter-Tribal Council of California (ITCC) was formed in 1968 “to enhance the … Continue reading

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Thinking about “drama”

I’m not thinking about the sort of drama you see in plays, movies, or on television. Rather, “a situation or sequence of events that is highly emotional, tragic, or turbulent.” from Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 2003.   This … Continue reading

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Fathers and good men

Today is Father’s Day in the United States, a day to thank your father for what a good influence he has been in your life.  If you are fortunate, that is true.  It has also grown to be a day … Continue reading

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Worldwide Knit in Public Day

June 14th is Worldwide Knit in Public Day.  🙂   Here in the United States, it is also when the Army celebrates its beginning (237 years proud!), and is Flag Day.  I was out of town for a tribal DV circle … Continue reading

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Being a Teacher

There are teachers in the world who simply have jobs.  Then there are Teachers.  Some people are born Teachers, and this may be encouraged or discouraged during the course of their life.  A Teacher has an attitude of wanting to … Continue reading

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Wholehearted Shawl finished!

I finished the Wholehearted Shawl on May 31st, and let it block overnight.  Am very happy with it!  The one drawback I have noticed with many shawls is their tendency to slip off my shoulders.  The shape of the Wholehearted … Continue reading

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