Astrology as Sign Posts: Cardinal Grand Cross

[Note:  This is not a professional astrological look at the Cardinal Grand Cross.]

AriesMy mom and aunts used to follow their astrology signs in the newspaper columns.  But how could a few sentences give meaningful information to 1/12th of the planet’s population?  As a teen I researched astrology, and when I was 17 had a professional cast my first chart.  I remember bits and pieces of that session, and she was right.

No, I don’t believe the planets and asteroids control our fate.  Yes, I believe they provideCancer signposts as to what is ahead.  The “curve ahead” sign doesn’t cause the curve, but it gives you a warning that it’s ahead.  What you do about it is your own call.

What is a Cardinal Grand Cross?  A Grand Cross is when four planets are all separated from each other by square aspects (90 degrees apart).  The twelve planets are each assigned a quality: mutability (able to adapt, go with the flow), fixed (stable, determined, resolute), and cardinal (active, quick, ambitious, leaders).   So what you have now is four leaders in a committee:  Aries, Libra, Capricorn, and Cancer.  And they have advisors calling for change and the use of force [other planets; now it gets too technical for me to understand and explain].  That is a Cardinal Grand Cross. 

LibraThese events build to a point, and then slowly retreat afterward.  A lot of us have been feeling the tension for a while.  The feeling we need to do something, to make a choice, has been affecting our relationships, our jobs, our health, every part of our lives. 

The event itself began on Sunday, 20 April 2014, and will finish on Wednesday or Thursday (depending on your time zone and which astrologer you consult).  There are a lot of good astrologers out there, and for basic online astrological information I tend to go to AstroDienst.  Because I know only a little about astrology, I enjoy a page put together by a friend, HiC.  He combines astrological influences and tarot on his Card of the Day.

How do we deal with a Cardinal Grand Cross?  The consensus seems to be, we stay calm atCapricorn the center.  For some that calm center is their spirituality, or nature, or family.  Whatever it is, mentally/emotionally go there, and then think about what its meaning is for you.  Does something need to change?  Do you need to change in your relation to that center?  What goals (daily/long-term) can you set to move toward that change?  And then do some action in relation to those goals, even if it is as simple as cleaning out a closet or talking a walk through the park.  This time calls for action, so channel it into something constructive.  Don’t let it dissipate in anger or depression.

The potential for the Cardinal Grand Cross is a bit scary.  Let’s make it into something good.

Power to change


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