What have I been knitting?

Wholehearted ShawlI’ve made several Wholehearted shawls in the past year and a half, however they went as raffle prizes and I didn’t get photos of them. Also made a black and pink one for our granddaughter.  Here is the first one I made, for myself. Unfortunately, I seem to have misplaced it; hopefully whomever has it now is wearing it and enjoying it as much as I did. I can always makes another one. Before that I will use this lovely yarn to make one for a friend. At the beginning of the year I accepted a challenge to make art and give it away, and my friend, Teri, took me up on it. One of the things I like yarn for Teri's shawlabout knitting and textile creations is that they are often wearable or at least practical art.

I also made a couple diagonal stripe scarves to give as a thank you gift for speakers (when I worked at the Rancheria).  Below is a photo of the scarf as imagined by the designer.  You can find the pattern here at Ravelry.   However, the ones I made were diagonalstripes_scarf_mediumsolid blocks of color, and they made an excellent scarf for a man.

Currently I’m working on an at-home project and a carry-with-me project.  The at-home project is an afghan for our grandson, in ocean colors.  He doesn’t like scratchy things, so decided to make it out of Lion Brand Homespun acrylic/polyester yarn.  The yarn does not lend itself to small designs, so am doing it in a large chevron Drake's afghanpattern.

My carry-with-me project is a slouchy hipster hat for a friend, made with Noro yarn.  Here is the one I made for myself; hers has more blue in it.  The problem is that when I get tired or distracted, I make more mistakes.  So a simple hat like this, which used to take a day or two to make, has already been tinked several times.  I The slouchy hipster hat is done  6,21,11never was one for complicated patterns, but now they are definitely out.  Even so, it is the process of knitting that I enjoy, so imagine I will be knitting for years to come.  Maybe eventually I’ll go back to wash cloths, which are useful no matter how many mistakes you make.  🙂


About judithornot

Lives in semi-rural Northern California, happily married, retired counselor, night person, knits, plays WoW.
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