Today was an international day to March Against Monsanto. Monsanto ranks right up there with the cigarette companies for pushing their product and denying anything is wrong with it. Except they go one step further, saying what they sell us is better than anything we could grow in our gardens.  Unless we use their seeds, of course.  In fact, if No GMOthey had their way, everyone would be using their seeds and seed sharing would be illegal.

I think this is one fight we can win.  Already Monsanto products have been banned in many countries, including most of Europe.  Recently Josephine and Jackson Counties in southwest Oregon have banned GMO crops (which effectively bans Monsanto).  The only reason Monsanto has made it so big in the United States is because they throw money at politicians like confetti.  Doesn’t matter what party they are in, either.  The current U.S. Secretary of Agriculture is a former Monsanto executive.  Talk about putting the fox in charge of the chicken coop.

The reason I think we can win this fight is because Monsanto has managed to piss off a wide range of people.  I have very conservative all the way through to very liberal family members and friends.  And while one of them says it began with good intentions, ALL of them agree Monsanto has gone too far.

We made plans for another yard sale long before we knew about the March Against Monsanto date.  But we wanted to participate, so I made a banner and we displayed it on our front porch.  And here I need to say that I am not against all genetically modified organisms.  I take a medicine that is made from reconstructed human DNA, which is technically a GMO.  However, this is far different from creating seeds to grow frankenfood plants, plants that then require Monsanto fertilizers and pesticides.  Plants that do not do as well as the strains naturally developed in certain areas.  Remember the movie “Jurassic Park”?   We have no idea of the long-term effect of these plants on humanity, animals, and the environment.   By using Monsanto products, we may very well be sowing the seeds of our own destruction.


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Lives in semi-rural Northern California, happily married, retired counselor, night person, knits, plays WoW.
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