Opening a New Door

Ever wanted the ability to help people heal?   For people who do, this usually translates into becoming a doctor, or nurse, or dentist, or therapist, or emergency medical technician, or massage therapist, or psychologist, or self-help author, or minister, or … you get the idea.  As a teen, I read the Bible and books about healers who laid on hands and people were healed.  I wanted to do that.  Amazingly, it did occasionally happen, usually with things like headaches or something simple.  As time went on, “common sense” got in the way, and these things no longer happened.   I learned to read tarot, to help people explore their options.  And I learned to be a counselor, also to help people explore their options.

Since retirement, I have a bit more time to explore ideas.  Decided I wanted to learn Reiki, which is a method of working with energy to help people heal physically, emotionally, namastementally, and on a spiritual level.  Figured I could use it on myself if nothing else.  🙂    So I called a friend, Tonya Haapala, who is a Reiki practitioner and teacher, and signed up for her class.  There was just one other student, and during a very intense two days we had plenty of time to practice on each other.  Often I could feel the energy flowing through my hands, usually with a sensation of warmth.  I learned how to read the condition of energy points, or chakras, using a pendulum.  I learned how to work with the energy, working with my guides (angels, beings of light, whatever you want to call them) so they could assist in the healing.    And it works.   🙂   Nothing dramatic like the lame walking or the blind seeing, but gentle and strong healing energy so our bodies can heal themselves.

Am not sure where I will go with this.  As I said, if I can help my own body heal better, that makes me very happy.   I’ve practiced on a few people, and they all felt better afterward.

If you are curious about Reiki, there is lots of information about it out there.  I’m still learning, too.   🙂  You can see what my instructor, Tonya, has on her website here.


About judithornot

Lives in semi-rural Northern California, happily married, retired counselor, night person, knits, plays WoW.
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