How to get PlurPush pop-up ads off your computer

Last June during a period of fuzzy thinking, I received a computer notification to update my Adobe Flash Player.  Unfortunately, I did not uncheck ALL the bonus offers for a new but wait there's moretoolbar or whatever.  (Those always make me think of the old, late-night TV ads.)  At least, I think that is when it happened.  Anyway, after that every time I went on the Internet I was inundated with pop-up ads — a dozen at a time, with long-running scripts that slowed my computer to a crawl.  The only online time without pop-up ads was when I played World of Warcraft.  I played a lot of WoW (as if I needed an excuse).

By October (don’t ask why it took so long) I was determined to find a way to get rid of those ads.  Norton couldn’t do it (because it wasn’t a virus) and I couldn’t afford to take it to a computer shop.  Faintly in the corner of most of the ads it said “PlurPush Ad.”   I did some online searches (though Norton search, so I had an idea whom I could trust), and I found this blog:  MalwareTips.   They had everything listed that I needed to do to get PlurPush pop-up ads off my computer.  There are five steps, and you really do need to do all five — the code that brings up those ads hides in sneaky little places all over your computer.  Some of it required downloading small programs, but in each case Norton verified them as safe, so I did it.  They are all free, even on step 5 (when you can download it as a guest).  It took 2-3 hours to run through all the steps, but when it was done I was free of pop-up ads.  Amazing!  Wonderful!

Am hoping to be back here blogging on a more regular basis.  🙂   And, once again, if you need to get rid of PlurPush pop-up ads, go here.


About judithornot

Lives in semi-rural Northern California, happily married, retired counselor, night person, knits, plays WoW.
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