Grounding Like a Tree (Part 2)

In Grounding Like a Tree (Part 1) I wrote about using creative visualization to safely drain away stress, anxiety, and depression — the “bad stuff.”  This one is about how to take in the “good stuff” to help you heal, the way a tree does.

Most of the nutrients a tree or any other plant needs are taken in through the roots.  As itPecan tree in GA happens, the Earth and its soil also contains most of the nutrients we need — usually we get them by eating things that have been nourished by the soil.  Recently I read an article where scientists discovered a potentially powerful antibiotic in soil in Central Park.  That suggests soil has the potential to sustain and heal us.

In Scotland there is a organization and farm called Findhorn.  The people who founded it in the 1960s decided they wanted to work with Nature to make their gardens and other activities more successful, and ended up creating a self-sustaining community on what started as sandy, dry soil.   Here in the United States, Machaelle Small Wright began the same work in the 1970s and 1980s, and calls her site Perelandra.  What both these groups discovered is that sometimes the nutrients are required to be directly absorbed from the soil, and sometimes it is possible for plants, animals, and humans to absorb the essence of the nutrient and still get the positive results.  As Wright says, “What I’m going to describe to you does not fit comfortably into the recognized notions of tradition, logic or even sanity. In fact, it tends to thumb its nose at all three, especially sanity. Be that as it may, it works.

Here is part two of the grounding exercise.   It just occurred to me a week ago, although elm tree with rootsit is likely it has occurred to someone else before me (I just haven’t read it).   If you think it makes no sense and don’t want to try it, please don’t let that detract from using Part 1 to drain away your stress, anxiety, depression, and the “bad stuff” — I know that works. I learned it when training to be a therapist.  This part takes it a step further, inviting the good stuff to be absorbed.

  1.  First do your grounding and draining away of the “bad stuff” through #6.
  2.  Once the bad stuff is gone, imagine a circle around yourself that includes your tap root deep into the Earth.  Ask Beings of Love and Light (you can think of them as angels or Nature spirits or whatever) to be present with you in the circle.
  3.   Imagine medium and small feeder roots reaching out from your tap root and into the soil.
  4.   Now ask that those roots absorb the nutrients you need to help you be healthy in body, mind, emotions, and spirit.
  5.   Wait a few minutes.  You may feel a sense of completion at some point, or you may not.  Trust that the Beings of Love and Light will help you with the healing.
  6.   When you are ready, pull your attention back to your surroundings.  Thank the Beings of Love and Light, and let them know they can leave.  Mentally open your circle.  Take a deep breath, in and out.  Know that all is well.

I can’t say this will make an immediate difference in your life.  I do trust that it is apt to help, because I have seen how the things I’ve learned from Findhorn and Perelandra have made a difference in my life.  It certainly won’t hurt you.  So far I’ve found it extends the feeling of calmness and well-being that I get with Part 1 of this grounding.   If you do get some obvious benefits from this (although Nature tends to be subtle), please feel free to leave a comment.

Namaste.   namaste


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