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Astrology as Sign Posts: Cardinal Grand Cross

[Note:  This is not a professional astrological look at the Cardinal Grand Cross.] My mom and aunts used to follow their astrology signs in the newspaper columns.  But how could a few sentences give meaningful information to 1/12th of the … Continue reading

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Anticipation (2012)

[Cue the Carole King song, “Anticipation.”  In 1979, Heinz Ketchup made a classic commercial about waiting for ketchup to come out of the bottle, with a background of Carole King’s song.  We didn’t even have a television at the time, … Continue reading

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Mercury retrograde

Disclaimer:  I am not an astrologer.  I do not think planets and asteroids make things happen in a person’s life.  I do, however, think they may be signposts about things to pay attention to, like the warning sign on a … Continue reading

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Happy Imbolc!

This is the time of year when the lambs are being born, and the daffodils are coming up to bloom.  But it is still so cold!  Some areas of the United States have had the coldest weather on record, and there … Continue reading

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New Moon in Leo

Actually, the New Moon was exact at the moment we went into Void of Course, so I waited and dealt my card for the moon-th after the Moon went into Leo.  According to Daniel Pharr in Moon Wise (Llewellyn Publications, … Continue reading

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What makes you angry?

Recently I had an online discussion with friends about the concept of anger.   It was along the lines of how we dealt with or expressed anger.  I was raised in a house where emotions were subdued, and little girls certainly … Continue reading

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Summer Solstice

Thursday, 21 June, is Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere (Winter Solstice in the Southern).  It will officially be Summer in the U.S. at 2:06 pm on the East Coast, and 11:06 am on the West Coast.  That means it … Continue reading

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